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Furcifer Pardalis

 Name's origin
 Ambanja Blue
 Ambato (Diamond)
 Diego Suarez
 île de la Réunion
 Nosy Ankarea
 Nosy Be
 Nosy Be True blue
 Nosy Boraha
 Nosy Faly
 Nosy Mitsio
 Nosy Radama
 The other Pardalis?

Chamaeleo Calyptratus

 Calyptratus Transbald

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Ultra-violets rays sources

Lamps that produce UV rays

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Lamps that produce powerfull and perfect daylight

Spraying system and spare parts

Spraying system and spare parts

exoterra screen.jpg
Screen Terrarium

Screen Terrarium for a maximum of air refreshing


Double hygro-thermometer

Bio Light

Light for small terrarium, economical and daylight quality

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Lucky Reptile Herp nursery II

Incubator that warm but also cool for hot summer time

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